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We here at BIG have proven to be successful in helping our customers with the First & Original Biker Guide “Since 1997”along with our website bikerinformationguide.com that receives 27,000 visits a day from all over the world. (Read our customers feed back) We are expanding Nationwide with Our Little Magazine and each state will be opening soon. Want to work for yourself and have fun at your job? Feel free to call me, Kimmy Chapman, National Publisher at 623-334-1545 or E-mail me at kimmy@azbig.com to inquire about your opportunity.Check Out Our Website bikerinformationguide.com


To Whom It May Concern:
The Az Toy Store in Mesa Arizona has been advertising in Biker Information Guide for approximately two years now. Biker Information Guide is one of the most professional, well-put together advertising books out there. kimmy Chapman’s professionalism, one on one interaction with her advertisers, and positive attitude makes doing business with her very enjoyable.

Kimmy along with the Biker Information Guide is highly respected here in the Phoenix area.   We look forward to doing business with Kimmy and the Biker Information Guide for years to come.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Louise McKenna

Well let me start by saying that it’s an honor knowing and working with her. The first time I talked to her I knew that she was going to be a great person. She is very outgoing and helpful. When you need her she is always there. Ever since I started advertising on her magazine it has been a great experience for our company. We consider her part of our family and are glad to support her in every way we can. Thank you!!!




We have been advertising in the Biker Information Guide for two years and we keep track of how our customers found us.  More than 70% have indicated they first saw our advertisement in your magazine.  There are a lot of biker magazines out there and we have advertised in most of them but yours has the stand appeal that makes them pick yours up first.

Jim Allen
Southwest Trikes

I have been advertising in the B.I.G. for a year now and have seen a 25 percent increase in business since starting and could not be happier with the extra work.
Kimmy and Kelly are very helpful at all times and are great people in life as well as business will not stop advertising for anything.

Joe Ciappi

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Rick Hatch, President/Owner of Hacienda Harley-Davidson, Buell located in Scottsdale Arizona. I have known Kimmy Chapman for more than 10 years, prior to relocating my business to Scottsdale from Safford, Arizona. I am proud to call her a friend, an ally and more than glad to write her a letter of recommendation.

As an independent businessman in a highly competitive market I have always been impressed with Kimmy's willingness to help, support and defend while protecting confidentiality and privileged information when working with my competitors. It is a rare trait to find in someone - yet with Kimmy it is just part of who she is. You can be assured that when you deal with her and her company that what she tells you is true, and her goals to help improve your business are forthright.

If you are looking for a way to highlight your business, grow your sales, gain support for your events, Kimmy is your best avenue to give you results. We have been proud advertisers with Kimmy and Arizona Biker Guide for more than two years now and plan to continue our partnership in the future.

Live EasyRide Hard,

Rick Hatch


I don't do testimonials often......heck I've probably done two in my life.  But I want to tip my hat and say how lucky the Motorcycle community in Arizona is to have you and your energy. Passion for what you do, always following through, giving and not expecting something back...... You took an idea and built Biker Information Guide with your love of motorcycling, feeling of comradely and sense of purpose.

Thank you for always being true and keeping it real!  You have created a medium that riders, bikers and enthusiasts can reach and support each other with. Its refreshing to work with someone who does what they say they will do. Thank you again for all your help with "Buck" and his Family Relief effort and supporting us at Arrowhead Harley Davidson.

Keep the press's and the wheels rolling!

Dan Herrera
Arrowhead Harley Davidson
Motorclothes Mgr.

The biggest challenge in running any business, especially a new business like Bikers Bay is finding the best advertising source to get the word out. Bikers Information Guide has exceeded all of our expectations with 50% of our new customers saying "I saw you in the Guide."  Kimmy and her staff have worked very closely with us in developing the ads, providing direct and valuable feedback and assisting us in all aspects of developing our advertising program.  Bikers Guide is a must for new and established businesses that are looking to reach the biker community.  We are in both Sport and Metric and the Harley Custom Biker Information Guide.Thank you for being a big part of Bikers Bay success.

Tim Brewer
Bikers Bay 

Just a quick note to tell you that our ad has done a lot for our business. We have had a lot of calls telling us that they found us through our ad in Biker Information Guide. You can bet we will continue to be in The Guide. We appreciate your help in the ad. Thanks Tom and Bob


Kimmy is absolutely fun and easy to work with. She does such a great job handling the various requests from, attending events all over the valley, posting events not only in ABIG, but in her e-newsletter and website as well. She is always quick to respond and only a phone call or email away! I’d like to stress how easy Kimmy is to work with, just ask and if she doesn’t know, she’ll find a way to accommodate you or get you the information you need.  At Superstition Harley-Davidson it is a very family oriented working environment and Kimmy shares the same value in her business. Thank you for your continued support of Superstition Harley-Davidson!

Sabrina Miller
Marketing Manager
Superstition Harley-Davidson 2910 W Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85220
480-346-0600 Ext 643 480-346-0629-fax www.superstitionhd.com

Hi Kimmy-
Over the years we really look forward to getting your little Big magazine. It is so informative, family oriented yet packed chock full of all kinds of info, events, gatherings, cool rides and great ads, and places to go! The size makes it so easy to pack in a saddle bag and we can pull it out anytime and figure out what we want to do right on the spot.
Keep up the amazing job Kimmy and of course your always smiling face:)
We love you!

Jerry & Sam Francis
Phoenix Choppers

Just a letter of thanks for all the help you have provided us over the past 5 years. Your advice and suggestions have been so helpful in guiding us in our advertising to maximize the benefits from our limited budget. As you can see, it has worked, since we are now able to afford the full page color ad. We have tried all the other normal free motorcycle newspapers, magazines, etc. Whenever we could actually compare the results of our advertising in the various media, it always turned out that the Biker Information Guide brought the most customers into our shop. It seems that everyone likes your format & the guides are always the first to be taken from our display rack.
For visitors to our area, the riders always have read the Biker Information Guide when they come into our shop. I think the size and quality of the guide has a lot to do with its' universal acceptance by the riders.
We have come to the conclusion, for our market, that the Biker Information Guide is the only media we need to consider as we move forward. This along with trade shows should provide the exposure we need. Kimmy, we would be happy to share our experience with any other shop that may wonder how effective your Guide is.
Feel free to have them call us anytime.
Thanks again for all your help, we certainly appreciate it.

Tim, Robert and Bruce
Evolution Custom Cycles 480-966-8876

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank Kimmy, and her team at Biker Information Guide. Not only has advertising in the guide been extremely successful for us, but the personal attention and service given by Kimmy is outstanding. Exceptional service is definitely the core of Kimmy and her staff. We recently hosted a charity event at our dealership, and not only did Kimmy help organize and publicize the event, but her family came out and volunteered their entire day to help ensure that the event was a success. It is this kind of personal touch that really makes a difference. Every issue gets printed and delivered on time, and Kimmy provides proof from the printing company as to the number of issues printed. The other big benefit that we’ve seen through our advertising has been the information posted on bikerinformationguide.com. I continually hear customers say that they found out about an event from Kimmy’s website. This extra advertising benefit has really been successful for us. It has been a pleasure working with the crew at Biker Information Guide, and I know that our relationship will continue. Thank you so much, from all of us!

Melissa Voeller – Marketing Manager
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson - (623) 247-5542 – arrowheadharley.com
Chandler Harley-Davison - (480) 496-6800 – chandlerharley.com

To Whom It May Concern:

We are attorneys that specialize in representing injured motorcyclists. We market to the motorcycle community under the brand name "Law Tigers." We advertise in 7 Arizona motorcycle-related magazines and newspapers including Kimmy Chapman's Arizona Biker Information Guide. We have advertised in Kimmy's publication for over two years.

Compared to other publications, we seem to get more "bang for our buck" from Kimmy's Biker Information Guide primarily due to its style, content and handy size, all of which substantially enhances the shelf life of the publication resulting in long-term use by the reader.

I might also add that Kimmy is a pleasure to do business with. She is very methodical and responsive to our needs and stands by her word.

Sincerely yours,
Warren G. Levenbaum Esq.

Law Tigers
362 N. 3rd Ave
Phoenix, Az 85003
888-LAW-TIGERS (529-8443)

When we (Throttle-Up) first opened our doors January of 2004, we were not sure which way to turn for advertising. There are so many different magazines, papers, etc…out there; we decided to try the ones that we would use in the past to plan for upcoming runs and weekend fun.

We always turned to Biker Information Guide for our own use, so when we opened our store it just made sense to call Kimmy at the Biker Information Guide because they always had the information we needed. Love the Gotcha Pictures, biker tips, articles and can even use a recipe or two. It is the perfect size to keep in my purse or in the fork bag, it is always available. You can keep it on the coffee table for everyone to look at including the kids. Now that we have Throttle-Up; we use them for our advertising.

We’ve tried a few other means of advertising since we’ve opened but truly the best responses come from the Biker Information Guide. This investment has far succeeded our expectations in advertising. A lot of our new customers tell us that they found out about us from your magazine and that works for me. Thank you for a great publication!

You guys Rock…..
Cathleen Turner
Owner, Throttle-Up, 623-842-2262


I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provide through Biker Information Guide. We have been advertising in your magazine for more than a year and a half. The response has more than paid our quarterly advertising fee.

The suggestion of putting a "$10 discount with this ad" has paid off many times over. We track all our advertising and the return from this ad pays more than any other printed media that we advertise in. The magazine seems to cover a wide range of the motorcycling public. The diverse articles are an enjoyment to read. From male or female riders viewpoint this is a very good product. It has something for everyone. Thank you very much.

Charlie Thayer, MSF/RCT

Motorcycle Riding Training

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this on behalf of: Kimmy Chapman, owner of Biker Information Guide.

We first met Kimmy when we opened our store in 2002. She approached us with her magazine and her advertising ideas. At that time the Biker Information Guide was about half the size it is now if not smaller. What sold us with her was her positive attitude and the way she carried herself. She knows a lot when it comes to advertising and what bikers are really about.

That's only a few of the reasons that her Biker Information Guide has been a success and grown into one of the best laid out guides for bikers of all kind. We do a lot of advertising, in a lot of assorted areas and as far as any of the publications go she is a step ahead of the rest. Her magazine has grown so much in a short time. It is always well laid out, simple to read and understand, all ads are clear and clean, important information always available and her rates are realistic. It's a GOOD - CLEAN - FAMILY - FUN little magazine.

I do want to say Thanks Kimmy for all your help and support. We do appreciate everything you have done and know your book has a great future ahead.

Ann and George Ziegler

Arizona Biker Leathers
13833 N. 19th Ave (NE Corner)
Phoenix, AZ 85023

We have always advertised in Biker Information Guide due to the dedication and enthusiasm of Kimmy Chapman.  There has never been an event that Kimmy and her family were not supporting.  Kimmy ALWAYS goes the extra mile to make it convenient for the customer.  In the ups and downs of the business world, we always kept our ad in Biker Information Guide!
Skunk Motorsports Inc.

Skunk Works Motorsports
202 W. Main St. # 101
Mesa, Az 85201

Chester’s Harley-Davidson advertises in the Biker Information Guide because we consistently get great results from our advertising. We highly recommend this publication for any motorcycle related business and offer our recommendation that Kimmy Chapman’s publication is an extremely credible and cost effective tool to reach thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts.

And whether you are a professional motorcyclist, novice or enthusiast, you'll find Biker Information Guide is made just for your level and interest. A FREE publication that delivers issue after issue of news, technical information, photography, rides, how-to's and more!

Jennifer Cochran
Marketing Manager
Chester's Harley-Davidson 922 S. Country Club Dr. Mesa, AZ 85210
Chester's Harley-Davidson on Mill
690 S. Mill Ave., Ste 120A Tempe, AZ 85281
Main Office: (480) 894-0404 / (800) 831-0404 ext. 222
Main Fax: (480) 844-2818

Exceptional! That's the word that best describes our association with the Arizona Biker Information Guide. We view it as the little magazine that can get your name out to a large and diverse audience. The exceptional growth our business is experiencing is proof that the Biker Information Guide provides great coverage.
Thanks Kimmy & staff!

Bill & Denise Cook
Desert Custom Cycles & Clothing

Hello BIG Readers,

My name is Dave Merrill and I own the world famous Hardtailz Bar and Grill in Phoenix Arizona. We are in our third year now and we've advertised in several different publications and had several spreads in various publications. Their writers come out ask some questions take some pics and they're gone. Usually the story is only about half right...Kimmy over at Biker Information Guide seems to make it a point to know who you are and what your about and really makes one feel like family in fact she did a spread on Hardtailz and it was by far the most accurate and best written spread we've had. BIG is now one of very few publications we use now and we will continue to advertise with Biker Information Guide its well worth the investment...

Write on Kimmy…

16816 N. 35th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ.


I am very pleased to offer this letter of recommendation concerning the First & Original Biker Information Guide “Since 1979” “The Little Biker Magazine & Website that has it all”.

I have personally known Kimmy Chapman since May of 1997. We first met at the Glendale Harley-Davidson Dealership in Glendale Arizona. Kimmy has over thirty-two years of direct motorcycle experience in all fields.

Kimmy is directly responsible for the continued growth & popularity of the Biker Information Guide featuring Harley-Davidson & Customs Motorcycles since 1997. Recently Kimmy & Staff by popular demand  have published a separate Arizona Sport & Metric Biker Information Guide. Publications now exceeds 10,000 copies quarterly.

The publication contains most of everything you should know about motorcycling to include Runs & Events, Tech, Safety & Insurance Tips, Great pictures around the biker community, Performance Talk, Feature Stories, and also where to ride in and around Arizona.

Kimmy has also produced and directly managed several top rated biker contests and shows to include the famous “World of Wheels”. Her concern & dedication to the Biker community are truly beyond approach.

Of specific importance, in my personal view, is that if you are in the motorcycle business to include all of the related business that are associated with Cycles, its highly recommended that you consider becoming an advertiser in the “Biker Information Guide”.

Kimmy’s advertising portfolio is impressive & well documented with positive results that should produce additional new business for everyone.

Kimmy Chapman’s business ethics are second to none. Her personality and fantastic “git er done” attitude is the way she works and plays. She rides often and pilots a beautiful V-8 Monster Trike. Lots of chrome & Yellow Custom Paint. Yup, Yellow is faster.

Kimmy and I have continued to work closely together since 1997. I continue to participate as a volunteer helper with her staff in Fun Runs, Poker Runs, Charity Runs, Bike Shows, etc. I have very much enjoyed our association to date.

Any questions, comments concerning this document, feel free to contact me directly @ 602-708-4888 anytime and/or @ the email address listed above.

Buck Rogers
Roadrunner Motorcycle Transport of Arizona

I have had the opportunity and good fortune to have had a wonderful business relationship with Kimmy Chapman, editor and owner of Biker Information Guide for over four years. As the General Manager of Performance Chrysler Jeep and Dodge and the owner of Envy Cycle Creations, manufacturer of Streetwalker Exhaust Systems, one of my responsibilities is to recognize and develop new and innovative advertising venues to introduce our business and product lines to the motor sports enthusiasts of the State of Arizona. Kimmy came to me early on with her concept for a magazine for motorcycle enthusiasts that would inform and list activities throughout the State of Arizona, feature articles on prominent and notable riders and enthusiasts from this state, and introduce and promote businesses throughout the state that were owned by or catered to the two wheeled motor sports enthusiasts. It was Kimmy’s vision to build a strong contingent of advertisers for her magazine that provided quality products or services for the motor sports community and lastly to provide a superior magazine with content of such value to its readers that the shelf life of the magazine would far exceed that of her competitors. Furthermore, the cornerstone of Kimmy’s magazine was to publish a magazine that portrayed and depicted the lifestyle of motor sports enthusiasts as that of a solid and respected member of the local community, instead of the outcast outlaw lifestyle depicted by other enthusiast’s magazines. Kimmy’s personal life style reflects her belief that the overwhelming majority of motor sports enthusiasts are solid, and respected community members and that it time that enthusiasts magazines paint the portrait of the majority of the sport instead of the outlaw minority.

The business’s that I represent share Kimmy’s vision so it was easy to come onboard as part of her advertising foundation, but ultimately the magazine had to be a sound business decision if we were to stay onboard for any sustained period. True to Kimmy’s vision the Biker Information Guide took off like a rocket and Kimmy and the Guide have never had to look back. Today the BIG regularly published in excess of 100 pages per issue of the same quality and content as the early publications, just more of the “good stuff” that have made BIG the premier motor sports publication in the State of Arizona. We’re proud to be associated with the publication and Kimmy Chapman and as a major advertiser would sincerely offer our recommendation that Kimmy Chapman’s magazine is an extremely credible and cost effective tool to reach thousands of motor sports enthusiasts who by the way are excellent consumers of industry related products.

Highest kudos’ to Kimmy Chapman and Biker Information Guide!

Terry Lee
General Manager,
Performance Chrysler Jeep and Dodge, 623-247-4444
Owner, Envy Cycle Creations, Manufacturer of Streetwalker Exhaust Systems


For more information email kimmy@azbig.com or call her at 623-334-1545

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